Get Intimate: The Best and Sexiest Lingerie for Your Body

If isolation makes you feel less than your sexy self, then it’s time to spring clean your underwear drawer and inject some sparks back into your lingerie collection — after all, they don’t call them intimates for nothing. Given that it’s also sort of a PJs all day situation, it’s also time to spice things up in the sleepwear department. Enjoy this sensual e-tail therapy journey through the best pieces to shop to reclaim your prowess, boost your confidence, love your body, and get back on your lingerie A-game.

Good in bed

Take the silk road and invest in a beautiful washable pajama set. Consider your personal style, body shape, and the comfort factor when choosing from either a strapless negligee and shorts set, nightdress (short or maxi are both sexy), slinky robe, or classic full-length pajamas set. Solid shades and prints, especially pretty florals for spring) all work and you’ll never go wrong in timeless noir.  Check out Lunya for luxurious yet affordable optionsOf course, if sleeping naked is more your jam, you do you boo.

Embrace, don’t burn, your bra

We’re all proud feminists — if you believe in equal rights for women, then you are a feminist, according to Emma Watson and Team Cleo — so let’s embrace the sense of empowerment that comes with being able to wear a beautiful, sexy bra. The dilemma, of course, is navigating the minefield that is finding the perfect bra shape and style for your girls. Forget the outdated notion that 80-percent of us are wearing the wrong size bra, as that myth has been busted. Real, inclusive evidence says that it’s all about fit, not a number. A little trivia: the first bra patents appeared in the 1880s, and the earliest bras were more like bralettes than the traditional bras of today, according to The Lingerie Addict, an expert blog offers advice on how to choose your underwear, the best way care for it, and even the best lingerie for your star sign.

The perfect fit

Choose the right bra to give your girls the support they need, lift your best assets, and streamline your silhouette, so your clothes hang better. First things first, get fitted, ideally by a professional, but in iso, you can do this yourself with the help of etailers like True&Co. or Third Love, who are all about finding your fit from the comfort of your own home. Beware: not all lingerie is created equal, and sizing between brands can vary. It’s also important to get yourself fitted regularly, especially if your weight or body shape fluctuates.

Fifty shades

There is a head-spinning number of different bra styles out there (if you want a comprehensive lowdown to combat every issue, check out Cosmo’s guide). While not every shade, style, and silhouette will suit you, it is important to create a lingerie wardrobe to work with your fashion wardrobe. That means you need nudes, black, and white as staples, and by all means, experiment with pretty pastels and prints to ensure you don’t wear the same bra every day. You should also refresh your bras every six months. For everyday comfort and support with plenty of built-in sex appeal, look to these options:

T-Shirt/wireless/contour: The most popular option, these babies are typically seamless with underwire and round molded cups that offer full coverage while vanishing under clothing. 

Bralette:  These pretty little lacey numbers are free of underwires and molded cups are perfect for when you want a hint of seductive lace to poke out of a summer dress or button-up shirt.

Balconette and demis: More revealing than their full-coverage sisters, they are cut lower to bare the top half of your breast and give your gals a gentle push up.

Strapless: A must for shoulder-baring tops and outfits, most come with a silicone lining to prevent slipping. Look to ones with a sweetheart neckline and boning for a seriously sexy shape.

Padded: For a subtle natural boost that will take you up an entire cup size, try a padded bra (even if you’ve got larger breasts, as they offer smoothing and a good lift). They range from light to heavy padding, and some also provide removable padding.

Convertible:  A savvy option for solving every wardrobe malfunction, these clever bras come with straps that can be worn in different ways (racer-back, halter, strapless) or removed entirely.

Love your curves

In the words of plus-size supermodel, fashion icon, and positive body image poster girl, Ashley Graham: ”Now there’s a big demand for women with curves and shapes, and honestly, this, curves, thick chicks, this is not a trend—it’s here to stay.”

Putting her money where her mouth is, Graham, a self-confessed lover of sexy lingerie in all its sheer, lacy glory has created a lingerie line for all women to step into their goddess power with Addition Elle.  Bigger-breasted women seeking to support and streamline should also consider a  minimizer bra that can reduce your bust line by up to an inch.

Get lit - naked lingerie

Yes, it’s a thing, nude lingerie is the latest intimate trend, which as its name suggests, creates the illusion of looking barely there or see-through, think mesh lining or embellishments with slivers of "naked" details. Also on the naughty list of lingerie looks for 2020, cage-style designs, frills, dark florals, harnesses, unfussy lace, tattoo lingerie (lacy designs and embroidery to have a tattoo effect) and the eternally alluring animal print.  As for your nether regions, it’s all about peekaboo bottoms and briefs (that show some cheek), high-waisted briefs (retro racy), 90s string bikinis (yes. they are back) and bombshell bodysuits.

Mr. Grey would be proud...

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