Throw a Libido-boosting Dinner Party

If dating/marriage in isolation is putting a strain on your relationship, along with your sex drive (or even if it’s not), now’s the perfect time to first get creative in the kitchen and then spice things up in the boudoir with a sexy dinner date. Welcome to your libido-boosting menu!

Foreplay: The Firecracker Cocktail

Channel your inner hot bartender and whet your sexual appetite by whipping up The Firecracker. Combining the aphrodisiac powers of watermelon or cucumber vodka, lime juice, mint, and simple syrup (or soda water), it will get the sparks flying. Up the sexual tension by serving it up with oysters or strawberries (spoon-fed into your lover’s mouth, of course). Get the recipe.

The Firecracker Cocktail

Aphrodisiac Entrée:  Sizzling Stir-Fry 

Hello, hot wok.  Stir-fry is simple, healthy, and the ultimate quickie that can be thrown together in around 20 minutes for an exotic (and erotic) meal. A spicy skirt steak stir-fry is packed with flavor and bursting with sexual health enhancing benefits. Steak is high in iron, so it gives you an energy boost to help you go the distance in the bedroom. Add zingy fresh ginger to rev up your sex drive. Top it off with asparagus and brown rice, which are turbocharged with zinc — a crucial sex hormone for both men and women. And for an added bonus, just think how the delicious fusion of all those flavors will permeate the air with an intoxicating sensual aroma. Get the recipe.

Sizzling Stir-Fry

The Sweet Spot:  Sexy Cinnamon Rolls 

Who said baking isn’t sex? Certainly not the team at Goop who loves to celebrate sexual health and wellness. So light your vagina candle, slip into something more comfortable and finish off the evening (or rather get ready for the raunchy after-party) by seducing your sweetheart with steaming hot, sexy cinnamon rolls. A healthy twist on the sweet classic, these babies feature the sexed-up Chinese herb, Mucuna pruriens, which is renowned for its mood- and sex-drive-enhancing properties. Get the recipe.

Sexy Cinnamon Rolls

Bon appétit, lovers.  Here’s to keeping it sexy in iso.

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