Period Sex Can Be The Best Sex, we swear

If the thought of having sex on your period is enough to make you run for cover, the truth is menstruation can elevate your sex drive and stimulate your sexual organs to take things to a whole new orgasmic level.  OK, we get there will be blood, but satisfying sex is by nature messy, hormonally driven, and an exercise in vulnerability. So if you and your partner are up for getting it on, here’s how to get off at that time of the month.

Orgasms provide X-tra relief

The big O gives you a ton of bang (sorry, not sorry) for your buck by flooding your system with  a blissful cocktail of chemistry, including dopamine, oxytocin, and other endorphins, which elevate your mood, lower stress and anxiety, and decrease sensitivity to pain. Add to the mix the fact your uterine muscles contract and release during orgasm to help calm your cramps, and it’s a win-win.

Blood is a natural lube

Lubrication is the key to wetter, hotter, juicier sex. Your period is a fantastic way to naturally get your slip ’n slide on, as the blood has a consistency that’s perfect for sex. Harsh but true.

Hormones can turbocharge your sex drive

Fluctuating hormones have a major impact on your libido, especially at key points in your cycle, including ovulation (your body’s way of getting you in the mood to procreate so the human species can live on) and also during menstruation. When you have your period, not only do you get a bump in estrogen, but your testosterone levels, which regulate your sex drive, also spike. So no, it’s not your imagination playing tricks — sex is hotter and orgasms more intense when you’re in the thick of your cycle. It’s just an excellent reminder that you’re wired for pleasure.

Sex may shorten your period’s duration

Remember what we just said about how orgasms get your uterine muscles contracting and releasing? That additional push may help expel blood faster, shortening the length of your period. Talk about a bedroom bonus.

You don’t have to worry (as much) about pregnancy

The whole point of menstruation is your body is clearing out the fertile space it’s created in anticipation of baby-making. So it’s much less likely that you can get pregnant, which, let’s face it, can take the stress out of sex. Disclaimer: it’s not impossible, though, so use a condom or other birth control if you want to be sure you don’t get pregnant. Also, there’s evidence that period sex may increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), so it’s a good idea to practice safe sex. Always.

It takes a little bit of sexy planning

There are lots of ways to get in the mood (that we’ll leave up to your imagination), and when you have your period, prep is crucial. If you’re feeling crampy and bloated, a pregame hot bath, a soothing cup of tea — or wine, whatever works — will help induce relaxation and get those sex hormones pumping. You can also get your kink on with a dark, sensual towel, sex blanket, or even rubber sheets. Steamy shower sex is another way to go at it like rabbits with the added benefit of built-in cleanup.

Being intimate during your period is… intimate

Communicating with your partner about your needs, desires, and experience is always a good idea, especially when you’ve got your period. Some positions may feel better than others (i.e., if you have a heavy flow, you may be less enthused about being on top). Or you might prefer to explore your body’s erogenous zones (heightened and more sensitive, thanks to those horny hormones) and skip penetration altogether.

Sex for one is even more fun

Masturbation at any time of the month feels sensational, and for all the reasons above, getting yourself off may be the perfect way to reduce pain, relieve cramps, and help you settle into a delicious, deep sleep.

Here’s to having the best sex of your life, every day of the month.

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