6 Stress-busting Tips to Save Your Sanity

Life right now is A LOT.  The worry and uncertainty of living through a global pandemic, a financial crisis, a country divided, and the ongoing fight for equality and an end to racism can send stress levels through the roof. This is why it’s important to practice self-care and self-love through calming, healing practices. Try these 6 tips to save your sanity and bring back your inner Zen.

Visualization breathing

Breathing is one of the quickest and easy ways to induce calm.  Imagine that you’re inflating a balloon to breathe deeply from your diaphragm. Here’s how it works:

  • Get into a comfy position and close your eyes.
  • Breathe in gently through your nose and out through your mouth. 
  • As you inhale, imagine your tummy is inflating with air like a balloon.
  • As you exhale, imagine the air slowly escaping from the balloon. 
  • To boost relaxation, imagine the balloon is your favorite color and that you’re floating higher into the sky with each breath.

Check your posture

Slumping around or slouching at a desk can increase muscle tension and pain and ratchet up your stress levels. So, periodically stop and do a quick posture check. Hold your head and shoulders upright and straighten your back. Bad posture can lead to muscle tension, pain, and increased stress. Take a moment to make sure your workstation reflects sound ergonomic design principles to avoid repetitive strain injuries and sore muscles. And be sure to keep your joints in a neutral position — no bending forward! — and try positioning your keyboard close to your body. Finally, be sure to avoid twisting your torso and limit tasks above shoulder level.

You can also find therapeutic relief with Cleo’s COMFORT heat patch. While it works wonders for period cramps, it can also help with neck, shoulder or back discomfort by applying the patch to affected areas (adhered to your clothes, not skin).

Get organized

A clutter-free space equals a clutter-free mind, so use your time in isolation to clear out and refresh your wardrobe, clean up your home office and paperwork, and purge anything you no longer need.

There’s a reason that there are a million articles about how organizing your space brings more peace and helps you navigate better, says empowerment psychic Elana Kilkenny who advises creating zones in your home for different purposes and devising (and sticking to) a sensible schedule to keep you centered.

Feed your soul

When your mind is overloaded, try not to pile stress on your body with caffeine, alcohol, or unhealthy foods. Instead, adopt a plant-rich diet and eat lots of mood-boosting and stress-reducing foods. Brazil nuts, fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, and herring), pumpkin seeds, eggs, dark chocolate, turmeric, camomile, and yogurt are all good for lowering anxiety.  Eating lots of rich leafy greens, including kale, chard, broccoli, can also help elevate your health and wellness.  And don’t forget your daily vitamins. Cleo’s SAVE YOUR SANITY supplements are infused with a mood-stabilizing, bloat-busting, energy-boosting cocktail of vitamins C, B6, B12, and minerals folate, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, all of which are particularly helpful in times of PMS and stress. And our lemon-lime flavored ENERGY drink contains a revitalizing blend of vitamin B12 and C, folic acid, calcium, and magnesium to give you an instant boost before exercising or when you’re feeling flat.

Moments of grace

Remembering to be grateful for the little things helps cultivate a positive mindset in times of stress... and there is always something to be thankful for. So stop and smell the roses, literally.  Add some flowers to your space, share your “rose and thorn” of the day with your family or roommates, or open a window to let in some fresh air and perhaps the gorgeous scent of summertime flowers. Make time to reflect on happy times by looking through old photographs or by writing down three things you like about yourself and your life in a gratitude journal. Even taking the time to sip a delicious herbal tea can bring a sweet moment of grace.

Reward system

To help you get through a stressful day, plan a reward or treat at the end. Indulge in a relaxing bath or DIY spa session with Cleo’s HYDRATE face mask and REJUVENATE eye mask. Cook a beautiful meal and pair it with a glass of your favorite wine. Set up a Zoom session with your squad, or if you’re in a more mellow space, cozy up with a good book, try mediation or a sound bath, or go for a sunset stroll through the park. Getting back to nature instantly calms the mind and boosts your mood.

Here’s to restoring some hope, calm and clarity in this crazy world.

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