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5 Tips to Get Your Summer Beauty and Body Routine Back on Its A-game

Summer is here, but given the rollercoaster we have all been riding, you’re forgiven if you’re not totally on your A-game — especially when it...

How to Kegel for Pelvic Health (and Stronger Orgasms ;-)

Kegels can be done anywhere, anytime, without breaking a sweat. And the best bit is the benefits of “Kegeling,” for women of all ages (and...

Soothing Yoga Poses for Strength and Sanity

Go with the flow to alleviate the anxiety, fear, and cabin fever caused by the coronavirus. These 6 yoga poses are perfect for everyone from...

Get perfect skin, even on your period.

Pimples are right up there as one of the worst period symptoms. As if suffering from pain, cramps, bloating, and PMS isn’t enough, blemishes deal...

How to Soothe Your Sore Period Boobs

As self-love and self-care advocates, we always do our best to look on the bright side of the miracles of menstruation. But we’re also all about...

The 6 Best Exercises to Do During Your Period

Our Cleo community never ceases to amaze us. Overall, we know you’re an extremely fit bunch; around 70-percent of you told us in our survey...

How to Love Your Body, Even During Your Monthly

Your body is a temple, and self-love should start with worshiping at its altar. Yet, sadly, by the time we’re 17, nearly 80-percent  of us have found...

Keep it Clean: The Cleo Guide to a Healthy Vagina

While vagina care isn’t complicated, it is crucial. Naturally built to self-clean, it’s not hard to throw off your vagina’s pH balance, grow “bad” bacteria,...


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