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A top NYC stylist on DIY haircuts and color

Well, we’ve truly hit that point in isolation of hair despair: overgrown, dry and brittle, and color fading fast.  And spare a thought for all...

An Elle Editor on Balancing Motherhood and Career

This week Cleo’s guest blogger is Amy Synnott, the Executive Editor of Elle Magazine in New York. Amy lives on Manhattan’s Upper Westside with her son Alex 14, daughter...

Life Lessons from an Empowerment Psychic

Cleo’s guest blogger, Elana Kilkenny, a renowned “empowerment psychic,” offers her advice on how to “come home to you and your home.” Part life coach, part...

Get Intimate: The Best and Sexiest Lingerie for Your Body

If isolation makes you feel less than your sexy self, then it’s time to spring clean your underwear drawer and inject some sparks back into...

Respect Your Mother: How to Give Earth (and Yourself) More Love

In the spirit of honoring the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we look to ways that we can make positive changes to ensure the health...

Personal Stylists Share Their Top Tips (even in iso)

Guest A-game blog contributors Beckie+Martina, NYC’s most in-demand personal stylists and image consultants, offer up their fashion mantra on why getting dressed — or better still,...

Cleo’s Guide to The Crucial Elements of Self-care

If the pressures of juggling a busy career while managing family and relationships AND worrying about climate change, the political climate, and a zillion other...


With Cleo set to break the cycle of pain, discomfort, and disruption of periods, you’re free to get back to the business of being badass. ...


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