Personal Stylists Share Their Top Tips (even in iso)

Guest A-game blog contributors Beckie+Martina, NYC’s most in-demand personal stylists and image consultants, offer up their fashion mantra on why getting dressed — or better still, dressing up — is the key to boosting your confidence and saving your sanity during isolation. Being stuck inside is also the perfect excuse to engage in a virtual wardrobe declutter and new season reboot.

Style = self-love and confidence
As personal stylists and image consultants, our job is to remind you not to give up on your personal appearance — we arrive at our computers each day in something other than what we left on the bedroom chair last night. Most days, a good pair of jeans, a structured shirt, doing your hair, and applying mascara helps you feel like you’re still on your A-game. A positive attitude and paying attention to your image matters now more than ever.  

Show up, dress up, don’t give up
Our daily style mantra is to dress like you’re still heading to the office, even if you’re  just moving from the bedroom to your desk. If showing up for yourself means dressing up, we’ve introduced the #AllDressedUpAndNowhereToGoChallenge and our clients have bought their style game, For inspiration, check them out on our Instagram and join our challenge.  We also rose to the challenge and pulled out  some beloved favorites: a burgundy maxi dress with cape neckline and long black boots for me (Beckie), and a treasured vintage Marni denim jacket, white leg jeans, and dressy heel for Martina.

Stay calm, here’s how to get out of your PJs
It’s so important to own your sense of self and personal style by getting out of your PJs and dressing for a new day (no, wearing workout gear won’t cut it), and this simple act also inspires others around you to do the same. So commit to spending an extra 10 minutes in the morning to dress like you care, even if that means adapting your usual style for WFH.  We’ve also made it a family challenge by asking families to dress for dinner (kids and all) and enjoy some fashion-themed evenings. And boy does that raise the isolation vibe.

Embrace casual professionalism
Now some good news— working from home means permission is granted to dress comfortably. But comfort dressing shouldn’t be equally sloppy. As Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.”  We’ll temper that by saying it’s a perfect time to work the dressy pajama suit. It’s okay to ditch the more formal suit, blazers, and heels (or shoes altogether for that matter), but do try to create a new at-home wardrobe.  A clean well-fitted t-shirt and jeans or relaxed trousers, jumpsuit, or flowy dress are all great options that say casual but professional.

Dress like a boss
If you’re a high powered boss (or even if you’re not), adopting this mentality will keep you on your professional A-game, especially in this new era of endless video conferencing. Set the style tone by dressing for success, at least from the waist up. Do your hair in your usual style (resist the urge to turn on your video with a messy top knot) apply a little makeup (good skin should be your foundation, along with some mascara and a hint of lipstick or gloss) and wear something colorful to brighten your face and your day.  When video conferencing, it’s best to avoid busy (and distracting) patterns like stripes, small checks, and definitely no graphic tees. A solid blouse in a bright color or a simple blazer is perfect. And do consider your background — keep it simple. A spray of flowers, a clean wall, or a well-styled bookshelf always gives off a nice impression. No one wants to see your messy bedroom or laundry lying around the living room.

Curate your closet
More than ever, it’s essential to buy and wear clothes that lift your mood and tick the boxes of style and comfort.  Our advice is to shop for pieces that you actually need (not just what is on-trend) and create a curated wardrobe that you will actually wear.  If you haven’t worn something for a year, it’s unlikely you will again. In over a decade of styling women, businesswomen, and celebrities, we know that most of our clients have way too much in their closets — all busting with unnecessary and emotional purchases (e.g., buying the same pieces over and over again or that make them “happy” in the moment but have no place in their wardrobe or life). One of the central organizing principles we base our consultations on is knowing how to shop efficiently, much like a chef does at the market. Know what you're cooking and why, check the kitchen for what you already have and need, head to the store with a concise list, and stick to it!

Our style rules
As a general rule of thumb, every wardrobe needs these three core categories: The Classics (blazer, great bag, versatile dress), The Basics (jeans, crisp white shirt, high-quality tees), and the Fun Pieces (anything that adds a pop to your outfit and brings your classics and basics to life with texture, print, a little sparkle or color.) 

Get ready for summer
We won’t be in isolation forever, so with summer just around the corner; these are the top trends you should be adding to your arsenal:


  • Pieces that play with structure and volume
  • Color! Brights and pastels are your friends
  • White on white (always a winner)
  • Slouchy and wide-leg jeans 
  • The lightweight knit dress
  • The pajama-style satin button-down blouse 
  • The boyfriend blazer 
  • The oversized poplin cotton shirt

Here’s to great style in isolation and beyond. Love, Beckie+Martina 

Rebecca Klein + Martina Gordon, aka Beckie+Martina, are a New York-based styling team known and beloved by scores of women (and men) coast to coast. Both are former fashion models with 20 years of experience in the industry. If you’re interested in working with them directly, they offer virtual personal shopping services and wardrobe consultations online. For more information on the dynamic duo and their signature Brand & Style Reboot, visit their website,

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