How to Love Your Body, Even During Your Monthly

Your body is a temple, and self-love should start with worshiping at its altar. Yet, sadly, by the time we’re 17, nearly 80-percent  of us have found fault with some aspect of our body and looks. Throw in fluctuating weight, a lackluster attitude to sweating it out at the gym, and supermodel envy (hello, Instagram), and remembering to love your body is easy to forget. Here’s a little inspiration to embrace and celebrate your beautiful body. Every. Single. Day. Yes, even amid a bout of the dreaded period bloat.

First things first: you’re amazing.

Your body is not only a temple; it’s an incredible, awe-inspiring, life-giving machine. Our heart beats about 115,000 times and pumps out 2,000 gallons of blood each day.  Meanwhile, the brain controls your body’s functions, reactions, and is the seat of all the feels — our emotions are what makes us human. Throw in the reproductive functions of the female anatomy, and women are the most beautiful expression of the human body (but we could be biased).

Now, if all that’s not a great reason to make “my body is beautiful” your new mantra, here are a few more.

Body positivity is a good start…

All power to the body positivity movement, which advocates for and encourages us to love our body in all its glory, and despite (and perhaps because of) the unrealistic messages the media and society promotes. Again, step away from models, celebrities, and unrealistic ideals set by social media. While loving your body, whatever your shape or size, might seem like a modern message, think back to our 1800s-era corset-wearing sisters. They even resorted to mutilation in desperate attempts for the perfect “hourglass figure” before the Victorian Dress Reform movement championed freeing them from repressive dresses. Sadly fat-shaming still exists, but thanks to positive body image activists and role models like plus-size model Ashley Graham and organizations like The Body Positive, learning to love being in our skin is becoming much easier.

… and body neutrality takes it to the next level.

Body neutrality is the new twist on body positivity, encouraging everyone to take a more inclusive, realistic view of our bodies by focusing on what it does, not what it looks like. One of the biggest pluses about body neutrality is it’s about being honest (aka real). As Bustle points out:

 “Everyone has days where they can't stand the way they look or the way their body works for them. Sometimes, it feels disingenuous to advocate for loving your body all of the time when human nature occasionally forces you to do the exact opposite.”

Reasons to love your period — and yourself

One of the most significant natural forces that can rock our well-being is, of course, our periods. Raging hormones, painful cramps, bloating, and the overwhelming urge to binge on steak, fries, chocolate, and Netflix instead of hitting the gym can distort your feelings toward your body. This is why adopting a healthy perspective of body neutrality and reminding yourself of the miracles your body performs every second can help transform period angst into a time of peace, pampering, and self-love.

Repeat after us
  • You’re healthy. Getting a period is a sign that you are taking good care of your body. While the frequency varies from woman to woman, not getting it at all (unless you’re pregnant or menopausal) may mean you’re not getting proper nourishment or sleep, or maybe have something else going on like ovarian cysts or an endocrine-related issue. 
  • You’re not pregnant. This is always a relief for those who are sexually active but still have concerns about whether or not their birth control of choice (pill, condom, IUD, etc.) is working. 
  • You’re a sex goddess. Contrary to popular belief, lots of women report feeling seriously in the mood during their period, thanks to a hormonal fluctuation that can bring on an uptick in testosterone. And while it’s possible to get pregnant while you’re on your period, it’s much less likely.
  • Periods are for pampering. Not that you need an excuse (you really don’t), but lifting your spirits when your period is getting you down is a beautiful thing. This is why we’ve made sure to pack the Cleo Period Performance Kit with as many products as possible to help you feel better, like our HYDRATE relaxing hydrogel facial mask and REJUVENATE under-eye masks.

We trust you now have plenty of reasons to love your body, curves and all, and if there’s still any lingering doubt, we’ll leave you with this quote from Ashley Graham: 

I look at myself naked in the mirror and say, ‘You know what, awkward butt shape? You're not gonna get higher or rounder, but it's OK, because I've got Spanx for you.’ Your words have so much power. Every day, if you tell yourself, ‘I love you,’ if you give yourself one word of validation, it will change your mind.”

Can we get an A(wo)men?

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