Cleo Period Performance Kit

Our Period Performance Kit contains an arsenal of remedies to kick cramps to the curb, battle the bloat, boost flagging energy levels, overthrow hormonal acne, and slay the dreaded PMS dragon. Customize your kit to have the perfect products for you delivered directly to your door.


  • RELIEF | Korean Herbal Dietary Supplement: Specially formulated blend of traditional herbs for period comfort. Includes 1 bottle of 30 tablets.
  • Choose your hormone-balancing solution:
    • SAVE YOUR SANITY | Multivitamin Supplement: Brings your system into balance and combats PMS symptoms. Includes 1 bottle of 30 tablets.
    • BALANCE | Dietary Supplement for Hormonal Balance: Chasteberry and B12 helps stop the hormonal PMS roller coaster. Especially effective for perimenopausal women. (Please note, this product is not recommended if you are on birth control.) Includes 1 bottle of 30 tablets.
  • COMFORT | Portable Heat Pack: Alleviates your cramps when you’re on the go. Includes 5 portable heat packs.
  • ENERGY | Effervescent Supplement Mix: Powers you up to work out — or just keep working. Includes 5 packets.
  • CLEAR | Acne Treatment Patches: Treats pimples fast & effectively. Pack includes 36 patches.
  • HYDRATE | Hydrogel Facial Mask: Deeply cleanses & hydrates to leave your skin glowing. Includes 1 facial mask.
  • REJUVENATE | Cooling Under-Eye Mask: Relieves puffiness & dark circles for a refreshed look. Includes one under-eye mask (2 pieces total).
  • REFRESH | Alcohol-Free Cleansing Wipes: Naturally keeps you feeling clean & fresh. Includes 1 pack of 7 wipes.
  • CLUTCH | Toiletry Travel Bag: Proudly carry your Cleo wherever you go.
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